Dear Neighbour,

We would like to inform you of upcoming sewer survey works that will be undertaken by Plowman Craven on behalf of St George.

The works will involve the survey of a foul and surface water sewer that will require Plowman and Craven to access the sewer via several manholes at Gilbey’s Yard. We have discussed and agreed these necessary works with One Housing Group.

The survey works are currently planned to take place between Tuesday 27th April and Thursday 29th April 2021 during day shifts and conducted between the working hours of 8:30am and 5pm to help minimise disruption for residents in the area.

Expected activities to be conducted include the following:

  • A CCTV survey vehicle and a jetting lorry on site to access the sewer
  • All manhole covers and gullies will be lifted, and a CCTV camera will be placed into the drainage pipes to assess the sewer
  • If cleaning required to remove blockages, the jetting unit will be utilised to clean it
  • The jetting unit will not work all day, only when required, and this will be assessed on each day of the intended works

To carry out these works in a timely manner, we would appreciate if residents could avoid parking on top of manholes or gullies to allow the team to access these areas.

Please be assured we will do our utmost to keep noise levels to an absolute minimum during the survey. If you would like to contact the team regarding the direct planned works, you can call on: 01582 765566 or via email:

For general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Camden Goods Yard team via email at or the information line on 0800 298 7040.

Best Wishes,
The Camden Goods Yard Team