As part of the Morrisons demolition works, there will be a new temporary location for passengers boarding the number 27 bus service at the Morrisons site from Stop CM. Please click the following link to view a map of the new temporary bus stop location: Temporary 27 Bus Service Stop.

New protective scaffolding is being erected from week commencing 7th June requiring passengers boarding the start of the 27 service to relocate to a new temporary bus stop located at Juniper Crescent from the 1st June. The temporary bus stop will have a sign indicating where passengers can board.

27 bus service passengers alighting at the end of the service will use stop CN in the Morrisons site.

This arrangement will be in place until the 27 bus service temporarily relocates from the Morrisons site in July 2021.

St George and TfL will continue to provide regular updates on changes to bus services.

Kind regards,

Camden Goods Yard Team