What is the Camden Goods Yard?
Formally granted by Camden Council in June 2018, Camden Goods Yard is located on the site of the current Morrisons Supermarket and Petrol Filling Station. The site bounds the neighbouring Gilbeys Yard and Juniper Crescent estates, where separate proposals are currently being brought forward by One Housing Group and Countryside.

For more details about the Camden Goods Yard regeneration area, you can see Camden Council’s planning framework here.

Who are St George?
St George is proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group, London’s leading mixed-use developer and a FTSE 100 company. We regenerate brownfield land to create thriving new communities in attractive landscaped environments.

We currently have 11 sites in production across London. Once complete, these will deliver:

  • 13,700 homes, including 3,600 affordable homes
  • 1 million sq. ft of commercial floor space
  • 53 acres of landscaped public space
  • £78 million in Community Infrastructure Levy contributions
  • £91.5 million in S106 contributions

Current active sites include London Dock in Tower Hamlets, The Filmworks in Ealing and Grand Union in Brent.

What are the plans for the site?
The plans for the site, which were approved by Camden Council in 2018, will see a comprehensive redevelopment of the site.

The consented plans provide the following:

  • 573 new homes, including 184 affordable homes (35% of the total)
  • 6,500 sqm Morrisons supermarket
  • 11,700 sq.m office space
  • 955 sq.m of affordable workspace
  • 1,000 sq.m urban farm
Will Morrisons stay open?
Morrisons will enjoy continuity of trade throughout the redevelopment process. Under the proposals, Morrisons will open a temporary store on the site of the current petrol station in Spring 2021. We will then build their new permanent store, which will open in Spring 2025.
Who will live in the new homes?
The new homes will provide both private and affordable accommodation, including larger homes for families.

We will be working with a registered housing provider, who will manage the affordable homes.   These homes will be for people on Camden Council’s housing waiting list.

The new private homes will be marketed for sale in the UK first – details to follow.

What other benefits are there for the local community?
Alongside the key benefits from building new private and affordable homes, office and affordable workspace and a Morrisons supermarket, the plans will deliver:


  • 784 jobs during construction
  • 43 apprenticeships
  • 1,159 jobs on the completed development
  • £4.1 million in S106 contributions to local improvements
  • £17.2 million in CIL contributions to fund major infrastructure projects
  • Community space
  • New public space
How does your development affect the plans to redevelop the neighbouring estates at Gilbeys Yard and Juniper Crescent?
We are working closely with One Housing Group and Countryside on their plans for the neighbouring estates and will be collaborating to ensure both developments complement each other in their design and construction.

You can find out more about their plans here.

When will you start and finish building?
Demolition of the petrol station is set to commence in March 2020, to enable construction of the new temporary Morrisons store by Spring 2021. We expect to commence work on the main site in 2021 and complete the development in 2027.
How can the community get involved?
There are a variety of ways to get involved.

During the delivery of our project, we will have a dedicated Community Liaison Manager to work alongside the local community. Camden Goods Yard will deliver a variety of benefits for the community, and we want to engage you as we formulate our community initiatives.

There are multiple ways that you can get involved and stay informed, including through our website, newsletter and a newly established Community Working Group, where we will be providing construction updates and discussing community activities.

If you would like to get involved or stay informed, then please sign up to the latest updates on this website, sign up for regular updates, or email feedback@camdengoodsyard.com.

We will also be undertaking an initial community engagement programme around the façade of the new temporary store.  We are working with a company called HATO to engage residents, business and groups on the design of an interactive façade.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?
You can get in touch via email to feedback@camdengoodsyard.com or call our hotline on 0800 298 7040.

We will shortly be appointing a named Community Liaison Manager, who will provide an ongoing point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the development.

Will St George be changing the planning permission?

The original consented plans for the site, which were approved by Camden Council in 2018, provided for the redevelopment of the site to deliver 573 new homes, including 184 affordable homes.  They also included a new Morrisons supermarket, office space including affordable workspace and an urban farm.  Since St George entered into partnership with Morrisons, we have been reviewing the approved plans. As a result, we have proposed two main changes.

 Our first change to the existing planning permission, approved by Camden Council on 5 May 2020, was to provide a new temporary Morrisons store on the site of the former petrol station.  This will allow the development to be accelerated by 1 year, with work able to start on the main site in Spring 2021, helping us deliver the new affordable homes earlier than previously planned.

We have also recently submitted an application with some amendments to the scheme on the main site. These will see an additional 71 homes provided (including 35% affordable housing provision), taking the total to 664.