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Planning Amendments to the former Petrol Filling Station site

As part of our ongoing review of the plans for the Camden Goods Yard, we are proposing to revise the office building which will be located on the former Petrol Filling Station site (PFS), where the Morrisons temporary store is currently located.

The current planning permission provides for a new building of six storeys with approximately 8,500 m2 of office space, alongside a petrol filling station, plus retail and restaurant-café space linked to a winter garden.

The revised plans are seeking to amend this permission, resulting in an overall increase in space of circa 2,300 square meters (sqm).  

 Floor plan showing revised proposal for the petrol filling station site

The changes will create more employment floor space, jobs, and environmental improvements for the benefit of Camden. 

The key amendments proposed are:

  • The removal of the open-air petrol tanker and service yard, providing a safer setting for the neighboring Youth Space.
  • Removal of the proposed petrol filling station – this site is scheduled to be completed in 2027, close to the 2030 date for banning new petrol and diesel cars. As such, a traditional petrol station is no longer a sustainable use for the site.  In its place we are proposing a dedicated rapid 4 space electric vehicle (EV) charging station which will support the transition to EVs.
  • An extension of the building by 6m in width to create additional office space.
  • Increasing the amount of office space, providing around 200 additional jobs, an uplift of £550,000 spent locally by the office workers, and circa £400,000 of additional Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), helping to fund local infrastructure improvements.
  • Increased cycle spaces and dedicated end of trip facilities such as shower and changing rooms. This supports the borough’s drive for a more sustainable transport agenda.

We are currently seeking your views on the revised proposals. If you have any comments, please fill out our short survey below.  The response deadline is Thursday 21st July.

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CGI of the existing permission.

CGI of the revised proposal

CGI of the revised proposal