Dear Neighbour,

We are writing to let you know of upcoming planned works on the Camden Goods Yard (CGY) main site which relate to the concrete pouring works in the basement. These may require some working outside of our standard permitted site hours.

Power floating is an operation that is carried out during the later stages of curing the concrete slab, by running a small electric orbital machine across it to create a hardwearing polished finish. Curing is the process of concrete drying.

These works will be taking place in the basement levels. Power floating is a similar process which was undertaken on the temporary Morrisons Store in 2020 without causing disturbance. We will be using a small electric orbital machine to do the power floating activity. We anticipate minimal disruption and any noise generated will be limited. The benefit of using an electric float is a great reduction in noise compared to a petrol motor which is common practice in construction projects.

There will be some localised lighting provided within the working area only of the site where works are taking place. We anticipate there will be a team of circa 4 operatives working.

As the speed of the concrete curing is influenced by weather conditions, it may result in us needing to carry out this process later in the day than we would prefer, which is why we are writing to local residents about our work. We will likely need to work beyond our typical site finishing time 6pm. There may be occasions where we need to finish up to 10pm.

We have permission from London Borough of Camden to temporarily extend our working hours for this activity. This permission does not allow any other general works related to the site to take place out of hours.

The works proposed will fall on days between Monday 20th February until 31st May 2023. The first dates for the month ahead will be:

Day Date
Monday 20 February 2023
Wednesday 22 February 2023
Thursday 23 February 2023
Monday 6 March 2023
Wednesday 8 March 2023
Thursday 9 March 2023
Monday 13 March 2023
Tuesday 14 March 2023
Thursday 16 March 2023


Working days for these works depend on weather conditions.

Updates on all remaining concrete power floating will be provided on the CGY project website and via the CGY project email mailing list, which you can sign up to on the website.

We anticipate that any disruption will be minimal, however we apologise in advance for any this may cause.

A copy of this update has also been sent in the post to those properties closest to the site.

Kind regards,

The Camden Goods Yard Project Team