Dear Neighbour,

We updated you on Friday 10th February 2023 to inform you about the concrete pouring work that would be carried out this month on the Camden Goods Yard (CGY) main site in the basement levels.

The power floating work, which is already underway, will fall on days between Tuesday 7th March until 24th May 2023. Please see the table below of the next set of dates in months ahead:

Day Date
Tuesday 7th March 2023
Wednesday 9th March 2023
Tuesday 14th March 2023
Wednesday 15th March 2023
Friday 17th March 2023
Tuesday 21st March 2023
Friday 24th March 2023
Tuesday 28th March 2023
Wednesday 29th March 2023
Tuesday 4th April 2023
Wednesday 5th April 2023
Friday 7th April 2023
Tuesday 11th April 2023
Wednesday 12th April 2023
Wednesday 19th April 2023
Friday 21st April 2023
Tuesday 25th April 2023
Wednesday 26th April 2023
Friday 28th April 2023
Tuesday 2nd May 2023
Wednesday 3rd May 2023
Friday 5th May 2023
Tuesday 9th May 2023
Wednesday 10th May 2023
Friday 12th May 2023
Tuesday 16th May 2023
Wednesday 17th May 2023
Friday 19th May 2023
Tuesday 23rd May 2023
Wednesday 24th May 2023


To date, we have not required the extra hours to complete the work and we will continue to operate as efficiently as possible and only use them when it is necessary.

As you are aware we have permission from the London Borough of Camden to temporarily extend our working hours for this activity. This permission does not allow any other general works related to the site to take place out of hours. The working days for these works will depend on weather conditions.

If there are changes to our schedule, we will promptly inform you on the CGY project website and via the CGY project email mailing list, which you can sign up to on the website.

We anticipate that any disruption will be minimal, however we apologise in advance for any this may cause.

Kind regards,

The Camden Goods Yard Project Team