Construction / Demolition Management Plan


Please click the following link below to view the Construction Management Plan live pro forma document. Additional appendices referenced in the document are also included below.

Construction Management Plan pro forma



Appendix A – Plans



Appendix B – Programme

Master Programme CGY


 Appendix C – CLOCS Form

App C – CLOCS form


Appendix D – Hoarding Plans

196121-009B Hoarding Plan – Phase 1
196121-010B Hoarding Plan – Phase 2


Appendix E – Site Set Up Plans

CGY indicative logistics and time slices v2
Appendix E – CGY Phase 2A Site Set Up Plan



 Appendix F – STAT Tracker



 Appendix G – Noise Management Plan

210304 CGY CMP Noise Management Plan Demolition – FINAL


Appendix H – AQ Addendum

Camden Goods Yard – Phase 2a Air Quality Assessment Final (Rev A)


Appendix I – Predict Vehicle No’s

Vehicle No’s (Annual) Phase 2A


Appendix J – Consultation Details

201201 Phase 2A CMP letter to stakeholders
201210 OHG GY-JC RSG Meeting on CMP – Minutes
201210 OHG Resident’s Meeting on CMP
201210 OHG Resident’s Meeting Presentati on CMP
210108 CGY CMP Consultation Statement (BECG)
210118 CGY CMP – Comments and Responses
CNJ CGY CMP advert 149×170 v2 (1)



Appendix K – Noise Report

196121-03 Noise and Vibration Addendum – Final 070720



Appendix L – S278 Works

S106-037-CS-S100-01-001-010 Rev A



Appendix M – St George Docs

SGG08A – Guidance on Demolition
SGG08B – Guidance on Underground Services and Excavations
SGG11 – Guidance on Temporary Works



Appendix N – Asbestos Survey

Pre Demolition Audit St George – Morrisons
Wms Camden 2020-21 RPPASL Asbestos Management Plan to Store



Appendix O – Bus Details

196121-003B Bus SPA – Route 393
196121-SK35 Rev B Bus Route 393 Bus Stand – Opposite Temporary Store